Sun, Sheares and selfies - TNP Big Walk 2014

Pictures by: 
Simon Ker
Mohd Ishak
Benjamin Seetor
Phyllicia Wang
Aaron Eng
Report by: 
Choo Mei Fang
Lakeisha Leo
Lee Joon Lei
Yeoh Wee Teck

Eighteen thousand people got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to take a walk along the Benjamin Sheares Bridge in the name of The New Paper Big Walk 2014, and they were happy to do it. The reward was a stunning view they don’t always get to see.
The view off the Benjamin Sheares bridge probably became the most photographed place in Singapore yesterday, as thousands made full use of the soft, early morning sun to show off their Sunday best. Best picture, that is.
Madam Lina Yap, 41, attended the walk with her husband as well as her daughter, 7, and lauded the view from the bridge. She said: “I think that the scenery was the best part of the walk. “My daughter was not very excited for the walk before, but her spirits were lifted when we started taking pictures.”
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