Star Awards Show 2

Pictures by: 
Kiat Tan
Report by: 
Jocelyn Lee and Gao Wen

She stole the show last Sunday when she swept six awards at Star Awards Show 1. Last night, local actress Jeanette Aw did it again, but with apainful thud on the ground. The 35-year-old made everyone’s heart skip a beat when she slipped and fell while on stage to receive the All-

Time Favourite Artist Award with popular host Vivian Lai at the Star Awards Show 2 held at Caldecott Hill.

However, Aw picked herself up quickly and gracefully as artists offstage rushed to help her up. Speaking to local media backstage later, Aw, who wore a red Ralph Lauren gown, said in a mix of Mandarin and English: “The ladder was slippery so I went plopping down the steps.

“I injured my right knee and the back of my left thigh. My knee is swollen with blue-black bruises now. “The first thought that went through mymind was: Oh no! I feel embarrassed about my ‘glamorous entrance’, but I guess it’s very memorable.”

Here are some pictures from the show.

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