New Face's next Phase

Pictures by: 
Gavin Foo
Report by: 
Mallika Sriram

A total of 110 aspiring models turned up at The New Paper New Face 2016 closed-door auditions at Subaru’s Leng Kee showroom on Saturday.Twenty-five made it to the semi-finals. As the audition began, there was palpable tension in the air. Many of the girls looked nervous and some, a little lost, but family and friends were there to give their support. Sharmen Diana Frugtniet, 18, a student, said: “I’m excited. I practised bydoing catwalks and watching videos on YouTube.”
The girls were first divided into groups of eight and each group took turns to appear in front of six judges, one of whom was New Face 2006 finalist Poojaa Gill. Only 29 girls made it through that round. Sharon Guay, 17, a student, who was one of those eliminated, said: “It was a great experience. I didn’t expect to make it this far.” She would “definitely try again next year”, she said. Her mother Sheila Guay, 44, added: “I’m happy she had this experience and made friends.”

Of the 29 who were in the first round, 24 clinched a place in the semi-finals after being evaluated in high heels. The 25th semi-finalist, Joanna Lydia Koh, had won an automatic place in May upon winning ITE-Carrie’s Next Top Model competition. Student Emilbiany Nengigal Intong, 17, who was selected, said: “It’s versatisfying
and I’m very happy.”

She plans to prepare for the finals by finding her best angles in the mirror and watching shows like America’s Next Top Model and The Face UK. Ashley Rita Wong, 23, was pleased because “New Face has a strong tradition of honouring alumni and lauding their achievements”. She looks forward to “becoming part of a legacy”. The youngest semi-finalist for New Face 2016 is student Ashley Soo, who is just 15. She admitted that being the youngest to get this far is “very overwhelming”. Ashley is excited about “participating in the fun photo shoots”, but she is also looking forward to “testing (her) boundaries when given a task to complete”.

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