Guests kept singing during a police raid

Pictures by: 
Jonathan Choo
Report by: 
Shaffiq Alkhatib

Five teenagers were among 85 people arrested in a major operation that ended on Saturday (June 28). 
A 15-year-old boy was arrested for illegal moneylending activities, said a police spokesman. 
The teenagers, including the oldest at 19, were arrested for drug, illegal moneylending activities and a vice-related offence. 
The 41-hour operation that ended at 3am that day was spearheaded by officers from Jurong Police Division. 
The raid covered at least nine locations within the division, including Housing Board units and entertainment outlets. 
The New Paper accompanied the law enforcement agencies as they raided three KTV lounges at Superbowl Jurong at Yuan Ching Road for vice-related activities. 
It was already 12.30am on Saturday when TNP entered one of the KTV lounges. 
Police officers checked every corner, including the karaoke rooms, each about the size of an HDB bedroom. 
A cacophony of voices could be heard, caterwauling off-key renditions of Mandopop hits. 
The guests were oblivious to the raid that was taking place within the same establishment. 
At the end of the corridor was a spacious lounge that could comfortably seat about 100 people. 
Seated on the sofas were about 30 women. 
They were instructed to place their mobile phones and identification papers on the tables before them, and they silently complied. 
One of the women was a permanent resident, but most of them were work-permit holders. 
One by one, the women were called to another part of the room where officers were seen scrutinising their particulars. 
After that, each woman had her name written on a piece of masking tape which was then stuck across her chest.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on 30 June 2014.