Granny has a blogshop

Pictures by: 
Jeremy Long
Report by: 
Kerri Heng

Madam Ng Suan Loi, 77, shows young blogshop owners that she can pack a punch too.

The great-grandmother sells her handmade batik products on her online store - JingJing's Kelantan Batik.

Madam Ng designs and makes bags, dresses, pyjamas and pouches with high quality batik from Kelantan, Malaysia, where she grew up, and her blogshop thrives with some help from her family.

Her family helps her to manage her posts and transactions in the online store, which is hosted on The Shop City.

The energetic old woman has taught herself to sew, read and write, despite not having a formal education.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on 13 July 2014.