6 feet of separation

Report and pictures by: 
Kok Yufeng

Last Wednesday, May 21, was the first time I ever saw my step-grandmother. 
And probably the last. 
Buried at Bukit Brown cemetery, her tomb and 4,152 others have been or are slated to be exhumed to make way for a new road. 
My step-grandmother died on Dec 23, 1943. 
So even though I have been visiting her 71-year-old grave for as long as I can remember, I hardly knew anything about her. 
But despite losing a portion of a historic landmark, and a pit stop on my family's Qing Ming itinerary, it was not a complete loss. 
I discovered a chapter of family history I never thought of asking.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on 27 May 2014.