49 years old, still badly behaved

Pictures by: 
Gavin Foo

After the VIP guests, the cheering crowds and the troupes of performers left the Marina Bay area on Saturday night, a legion of cleaners moved in. And after all the flag-waving, some of those mini Singapore flags had to be swept into trash bags. More than 100 flags can be seen littered on the stands as the clean-up was about half way through.
The great Singapore sweep started at about 10pm and involved about 50 foreign-workers. They used blowers, industrial sized vacuum machines and brooms to clear the rubbish left by the Singaporeans who attended the parade.
It took them over 7 hours to clear all the rubbish. About 13 tonnes of waste were collected.
It was a rather sad picture on the first day of Singapore’s 50th year as an independent nation.
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