Who is more excited?

Report and pictures by: 
Gavin Foo

Yesterday was the first day of school for this year. I had to wake up early to go to school too, but not as a student.

At the school gate outside Saint Andrew's Junior School in Potong Pasir, parents had to bid farewell to their primary one children here. They can only see their kids again during recess, which was a long 2.5 hours wait.

When the recess bell rang, parents lined up behind the barricade outside the canteen. They can only watch from outside. Most of them came armed with camera, water bottles, packed snacks, and even sweets.

The primary one students then walked in line to the canteen. Occasionally, a parent can be seen stretching their arms out to grab their child. I have never seen so many "kidnapping" before. But after a quick word and kiss on the cheek, they let their children go.

Some parents can't bear to let their children grow up, some want them to find new friends, but most of them are more excited than their children.