What a feet

Pictures by: 
Gary Goh

When English teacher Martin Walsh left home for work yesterday morning, he stepped out with no shoes on.

Barefoot, he walked and took the bus to St Joseph’s Institution International, where approximately 150 students did the same by taking off their shoes in class.

It was a student-led initiative to go One Day Without Shoes. The main organisers, Yu Kai Yan, 18, and Dhanesh Thiru, 17, had come across the global movement, initiated by American shoe brand Toms, from discussion with their friends from other junior colleges.

It is an event to bring awareness on an international scale, by encouraging companies and schools around the world to place themselves in the shoes of children who have none.

Every year, a specific date is marked out and participants around the world are encouraged to send in videos and photos of their participation in the event, which started in 2007.

Stephanie Yeap, 17, a student from Grade 11, said: “I feel that we’re privileged enough to be able to get an education here, and we should do our part to raise awareness.

“There are people half our age who can’t afford shoes and I realise that we take a lot for granted. People generally forget how lucky they really are.”

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on April 17, 2013.