TNP New Face 2013 - The first audition

Pictures by: 
Gavin Foo

This year, The New Paper New Face walk-in audition was held at Suntec Tropics Atrium. A total of 85 girls managed to advance to the next stage out of the nearly 300 who turned up. Round 2 will see the group being whittled down to 25.

And the girls found it a challenge to impress this year’s panel of judges, like Mr Dennis Lee, senior manager of sales at MotorImage Enterprises, Mr Patrick Sin, fashion editor of Her World magazine, and New Face 2010 alumnus Rachel Erasmus. 

Mr Sin said: “Some of the girls have a lot of confidence. I think it’s great that they come out and give it a go. It’s a good experience for them.” He added that he was looking for girls with the X-factor and an interesting face.

Here are some pictures from the audition.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on June 17, 2013.