Thinking outside the box, or inside the box?

Pictures by: 
Gary Goh
Gavin Foo

There are times when an interesting story is sadly devoid of any griping visuals. This sometimes happens when we report on court stories or when the "event" had happened previously without the knowledge of the media.

This is where picture illustrations come in. Yet, it's not an outright re-enactment of the event. Our aim is to give readers an idea what we’re reporting through a visual element, ie: photographs.

The story written by Elizabeth Law about credit card crooks fits such a situation where a picture illustration is needed. By showing how crooks "fish" out credit cards from letterboxes, we intend to give an intimate look and feel at how determined some criminals can be.

While we were told to “think out of the box” (pun unintended) for the photo illustration, we decided to do the reverse, by thinking inside the box, so to speak. Our concept and execution were simple. We found a cardboard box, punched a hole for our lens and made a slit on the opposite end of the box.

At the far end of the lens was another colleague attempting to "fish" out envelopes. By doing so, We hoped that to replicate a slightly exaggerated view of what it looks like from the inside. So, sometimes thinking in the box might actually work better than trying to think out of it.