Sun, sand and Ah Boys

Pictures by: 
Gavin Foo
Report by: 
Charlene Chua

Fans of the Ah Boys To Men cast had a whale of a time cruising with their idols over the weekend.

The 2,600 passengers on board Star Cruises, however, didn’t get to see Wang Weiliang, who came down with a high fever at the last minute and missed the boat.

His fans found out only when director Jack Neo announced in jest at the cruise’s celebration dinner that Lobang King – Wang’s character in the hit local two-part movie – had gone AWOL (absent without official leave).

The Ah Boys were also without cast mates Joshua Tan and Ridhwan Azman, but the five who were on board rocked Star Cruises’ luxury liner, the Superstar Virgo, during the three days two nights trip.

Noah Yap, 20, Tosh Zhang, 23, Charlie Goh, 25, Aizuddin Nasser, 23, and Maxi Lim, 26, were a riot as they got down and dirty on the sandy beaches of Redang Island to play games with their fans.

For those of you who missed out on meeting your favourite Ah Boys To Men cast member, check with Star Cruises for more Ah Boys To Men cruises.

Here is a short video clip from the event.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on May 6, 2013.