Snail mail on a slow boat

Report and pictures by: 
Gary Goh

Rain or shine every weekday afternoon, you'll find Mr Haron Jomahat sitting on the brown benches at Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Like anyone else who wants to go to Pulau Ubin, Mr Haron has to wait for 11 others to fill the bumboat before it leaves the terminal.

Then it's a 10-minute journey to the island.

But unlike other boat passengers, who might be going on a rustic adventure, the 73-year-old makes the daily trips to deliver mail to the island's last remaining residents.

According to his employer, SingPost, he is the oldest postman in Singapore.

On good days, Mr Haron can be on his way within minutes of arriving at the ferry terminal.

But rainy days mean fewer people travelling to Pulau Ubin, and he may have to wait for hours.

And mind you, an address may be no more than a house number and the numbers are not in order along a street as it is on the mainland.

But, for instance, if you write to "12 Pulau Ubin", Mr Haron would know exactly where it is and will be able to deliver the letter.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on May 20, 2014.