Showing off their moves at the SG Pole Challenge 2014

Pictures by: 
Gavin Foo
Report by: 
Timothy Goh
Video by: 
Gavin Foo

With the theme from Mission Impossible playing in the background, she wrapped her legs around her partner’s waist and let herself fall backwards, head dangling metres above the ground. 
While this may sound like a scene from an action movie, it was part of a performance by Mrs Valerie Teo and Mrs Joey Tan for the SG Pole Challenge 2014. 
The pair were one of two Singaporean teams taking part in the event’s Open Doubles category. 
Despite being in close physical contact the entire time, Mrs Teo, 40, who works in marketing, said the experience was not awkward at all. 
“We actually love it. In fact, I refuse to perform without (Mrs Tan),” she said. 
The duo met when training for an event in 2010, and their friendship grew to the “cosy” one they have today.
The annual competition was held last Saturday at the Jubilee Hall in Raffles Hotel. About half of the finalists were from Singapore with the others from countries such as Korea, Japan, the Philippines and China.
Some photos were taken using multiple exposures.
The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on April 7, 2014.