Scarily crowded in a spooky villa

Pictures by: 
Mohd Ishak
Report by: 
Ronald Loh

First, Villa Nabila — a dilapidated bungalow in Johor Baru — was listed as one of the top five haunted houses in Malaysia by US-based travel portal Expedia.

Then a 16-year-old Malaysian boy was reported to have gone missing after entering the villa last week, giving the place an added layer of spookiness. It turned out to be a false alarm — the boy was sleeping over at his girlfriend’s house that night — but the publicity from the media coverage has turned Villa Nabila into Johor’s latest tourist attraction.

When The New Paper visited Villa Nabila in Danga Bay, a 10-minute drive from the Causeway, yesterday, the main entrance leading to the house was boarded up with metal sheets, with the council notice was pasted on it. But this did not deter visitors from getting into the estate from another road that leads to a “rear entrance” from which they had to walk about 200m on a dirt path to reach the villa.

In the two hours that TNP spent combing the bungalow, which is about the size of a football field, for signs of paranormal activity, we encountered at least 50 visitors, mostly locals.

Mr Zharif Isa, 20, a university student in Johor Baru, drove there with four friends are reading “a lot” about the place in newspapers and on Facebook. “We wanted to see how creepy it was,” he said. He had heard tales of the villa from his friends and family. “One such story was about how Nabila, a young girl who lived here, was murdered by her stepmother. That’s how it became haunted,” he said.

Here are some pictures of the haunted villas. Maybe you can see shadows in these pictures that we may have missed.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on November 22, 2013.