Our tiny teenage miracle

Pictures by: 
Benjamin Seetor
Report by: 
Maureen Koh

When Mr Teo Qi Kuang and his wife Florence Chew were expecting their first child, they were like any other couple.

“We prepared for our baby’s arrival with so much enthusiasm. We wanted only the best for her,” Madam Chew, 44, recounts in an interview with The New Paper on Sunday in her four-room flat in Bukit Panjang.

“I pored over books for information and even bought a journal, all ready to chart our little one’s developmental milestones. I even made plans to enrol her in baby shows.”

The housewife smiles wryly, then says: “But the recordings stopped three months into my daughter’s life.”

Till today, doctors have yet to diagnose Pei Shan’s exact medical condition.

Pei Shan turns 15 on Aug 5. But for all intents and purposes, she is stuck in a baby’s body – baby fat is still present on her limbs, and she wears a diaper.

Madam Chew gave up her job as a bank clerk to become Pei Shan’s full-time caregiver when the girl was nine months old.

Today, the devoted mother is sensitive to every sound that comes from her daughter’s room.

Mr Teo shares how once, when Pei Shan had to be sent to the intensive care unit, his wife was crying so hard because they thought they would lose her.

“As my girl was being wheeled into the lift, I heard her call out ‘Daddy’ so loudly. That was when I told my wife not to worry. I knew for certain our little fighter would be fine,” he says.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on July 28, 2013.