The mud didn't stop us

Report and pictures by: 
Gary Goh

Rain pelted down for 17 hours on this part of Singapore prior to the Workers' Party (WP) rally. That didn't stop their supporters from turning up to support Ms Lee Li Lian. The WP is holding their first rally for the Punggol East by-election.

Although the rain did eventually stop just before the rally started, the field became a mud pool - especially in front of the stage.

Inside the cordon where WP members and the press were stationed, mud was so soft that walking around proved to be a challenge. My shoes would get stuck in the mud with every step that I took. There were even instances where I sank in the mud after standing on a soft patch.

To deal with it, some of our colleagues from the other papers turned up in rubber boots, while others came in slippers. Some even gave up wearing anything on their feets and moved around barefoot.

But even those who came in boots were not spared. A collegue said on Facebook that a centipede crawled out of his boots when he took it off before driving back to office. He was least to say, a little bit freaked out.

So next time, if there’s a combination of rain and an open field rally, please come fully prepared.