More than $100 worth of food, just for a shoot

Report and pictures by: 
Gary Goh

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. In our case, to give readers an idea of how much food Huiru ate in a single meal, the TNP on Sunday team had to literally buy that amount of food for a picture to illustrate the point.

It consists of more than $100 worth of fried chicken (over 30 pieces), servings of cheese and egg pratas and two cups of Milo dinosaur.

Huiru is a lady our TNPS correspondent Maureen Koh interviewed in her page one story. She went on a binge eating spree after a bitter breakup with her boyfriend during her Junior College days.

She is 30 years old this year and weighs more than 200kg.

After the Sunday team bought everything, photojournalist Choo Chwee Hua got the honor to picture all of them, while the rest of the newsroom waited patiently for the shoot to be over - before having a chance to dig into the spread.

Needless to say, everyone in the newsroom that day had a good meal.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on August 18, 2013.