Jay Chou live in Singapore

Pictures by: 
Jonathan Choo
Report by: 
Tan Kee Yun

The opening sequence was dazzling.

Amid a haunting, post-apocalyptic setting on the gigantic projector screen that left all in awe, a futuristic-looking spaceship hovered in mid-air and landed on stage, from which Jay Chou emerged.

One thing was sure, the visual treat didn’t come cheap.

According to Taiwanese news, the production fees for his Opus World Tour has amounted to more than 25 million yuan ($5 million) – his most expensive to date.

“Some of my fans started listening to my music 12 years ago, when they were just students. Today, they have become daddies and mummies,” the star bantered on stage.

“If you bought my first album and you know the song Adorable Lady, you must be one of them.”

After crooning his much-loved ballad All The Way North, he told the fans: “That was the theme song of my very first movie, Initial D.

“I remember coming to Singapore to promote the film (in 2005). Wow, that was a long time ago.”

Later in the night, long-time fans were taken for a walk down memory lane, as Chou thrilled them with a medley of old tunes including Rainbow, Starry Mood and Return To The Past, with accompanying footage from each of the music videos.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on June 7, 2013