It was shiok! (kissing Leessang's Gary)

Pictures by: 
Jeremy Long
Report by: 
Charlene Chua

Green-eyed fans could only watch and drool as the pretty girl received a juicy smooch from Leessang’s Gary. And on the mouth, no less.

Ms Winnie Tan found herself the envy of hundreds on Saturday night during the Korean hip-gop duo’s one and a half hour showcase at nightspot Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay. She had been picked by the MC to go onstage to play games with rapper Gary, 35, one half of Leessang and also of popular variety show Running Man. The other member is Gil, the group’s vocalist, also 35.

Running Man is one of Korea’s top variety shows where its cast, which apart from Gary also includes Haha, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook, participates in challenges with celebrity guests. Leessang had earlier entertained the passionate crowd with hits such as You’re The Answer To A Guy Like Me. Formed in 2002, Leessang is highly lauded in the K-pop industry for having many record-breaking albums.

Ms Tan’s luck was especially good, considering how, at most K-pop fan meetings and gigs, fans usually only get to high-five, take a picture, or at most, hug their idols. But Leessang went the extra mile and completely made Ms Tan’s day — thanks to group mate Gil. The latter had cheekily announced that he had a “Pepero Game” for Gary to play. Pepero is a cookie stick dipped in chocolate, originating from Pocky. Under Gil’s instructions, Gary had to put one end of the Pepero in his mouth and the other end in Ms Tan’s mouth, afterwhich he had to eat the biscuit stick.

Gary caused the crowd to scream when he cradled Miss Tan’s face with both hands as he concentrated on eating the Pepero at lightning speed. It looked like a passionate scene from a Korean drama. As the Pepero grew shorter, the shrieks became louder. Just as it looked like they were about to finish the biscuit, Gil took matters into his own hands and gave Gary a little shove on the head from behind.

Gary and Miss Tan ended up smooching. Miss Tan, 22, an administrative assistant, admitted to The New Paper after we spotted her the next day at the Leessang fan meeting: “When I was picked, I was so nervous because I’m an introvert. “I don’t like being the centre of attention and I felt so embarrassed. “Gary was the one doing all the work, he was biting the biscuit while I just stood there and let him take the lead. “I just felt like ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe it!’. “The kiss was shiok (awesome).”

Here are some pictures from the showcase.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on December 2, 2013.