How many girls did Kim Kibum hug?

Pictures by: 
Gavin Foo
Report by: 
Juliana Rasul

A half-eaten sandwich got the loudest screams at Korean actor-singer Kim Kibum’s fan meeting last Friday. Clustered in a group, several fans were shrieking over the remaining quarter of a sandwich their friend, Miss Hilda Lim, 22, had. She was one of eight girls invited on stage to get a ham and cheese sandwich made for them by their idol.

“We’re going to frame it up!” screamed 18-year old educator Fateha Fakar. Kim, 26, the star of Korean drama I Love Italy and a non-active member of popular K-pop boy band Super Junior, was in town last week for his Memory Of Love fan meeting at The Star Performing Arts Centre.

The two-hour show saw him sing, performing magic tricks, playing a Korean game with fans and trying his hand at making sandwiches. “I’m nervous because I’ve never cooked for anyone except my mother,” he said on stage.

Though the girls had been asked to eat their sandwiches on stage, Miss Lim, who works in licensing at the Ministry of Health, took two bites of her half of the sandwich and saved the rest for her friends, who had a hard time deciding how to divide the portion among themselves.

So how did it taste? National University of Singapore student Nie Yile, 22, said it was “very good”. “(Kibum) made it, obviously it’s good,” she said with a giggle. She wasn’t the only one who left the venue in seventh heaven.

Miss Nur Ain Jamali, 20, who works for an IT company, was literally “struck” by Kim while playing the Korean game, “cham cham cham”, on stage. The five girls selected to play had to make sure they turned their head in the opposite direction to where Kim had turned his hand. The penalty for not doing so? Being hit on the head with a toy hammer. But those who were hit, like Miss Nur Ain, didn’t think it was so bad.

“It was dreamlike,” she said. She, like many of the 700-plus fans in the crowd, were Super Junior fans who have followed the group since their debut. Kim, who featured on earlier hits like Sorry, Sorry, has been on hiatus from Super Junior since 2009 to focus on his acting career.

Here are some hugs from the event.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on September 16, 2013.