Hot hunk

Report and pictures by: 
Kok Yufeng

Sharing the stage with some of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors, including MTV VJ Alan Wong, actors Nick Teo and Chase Tan as well as national swimmer Danny Yeo, Lee Wen Liang thought he was just a space filler. 
But the 27-year-old personal trainer stole the stage and the Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor of 2014 title. 
In the contest, which was decided by popular vote, Mr Lee beat 49 other contestants and won more than $2,900 worth of prizes.
At the finals, hosted by the hilarious Chua En Lai and Judee Tan at Zouk on Friday evening, the 900-strong audience was treated to a night of laughs, music and racy entertainment. 
The Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors contestants showed off their talents and personalities through a series of audience games, musical performances as well as a raunchy striptease routine that got many members of the audience squealing and whipping out their smartphones. 
In its 19th year, the competition has produced winners like Ah Boys to Men star Joshua Tan, singer Hady Mirza and model Vivian Dawson. That was one reason why Mr Lee felt that his win was unexpected. 
Mr Lee, who had previously battled with Stage 2 cancer, said: "Last year's winner was Joshua Tan and he's a big movie star, so for me to win is a great honour.” 
“(From this competition) I learned that miracles can happen.”
Here are some photos from the event. 
The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on Sunday on March 16, 2014.