Friday night lights

Report and pictures by: 
Ariffin Jamar
Video by: 
Azim Azman & Ariffin Jamar

Maybe it was the recent lack of rain clouds that accounted for the popularity of one exhibit.

Cloud is one of the interactive light sculptures on display as part of i Light Marina Bay 2014.

It opened on Friday and while crowds wandered past and interacted with the various exhibits, Cloud - located near The Float - was by far the most popular.

Made from energy-efficient bulbs, part of the fun was in pulling the dangling cords to turn them off and on.

Mr Peter Stefka, a visitor from Slovakia who was here with his family, said: “I tried to switch off all the bulbs in the exhibition but it’s impossible because everyone else was turning them back on.”

There are 28 different sustainable light art installations around Marina Bay.

The Float also hosts the piece 1.26 Singapore by US artist Janet Echelman. Visitors were lying on their backs to look up at the light sculpture while enjoying some live music.

Casey Chan, 17, and his sister Joyce, 15, both students and licensed buskers, took the opportunity to film a video for their YouTube channel.

But seeing that visitors were taking the opportunity to enjoy their guitar and violin rendition of Let It Go and What Does The Fox Say, they performed for almost 30 minutes and earned thunderous applause.

Other exhibits provided plenty of opportunities for some selfie action, from the Giant Dandelions near the Esplanade to the Floating Hearts near Marina Bay Link Mall.

One exhibit required more energy from those who chose to make it work. Wheels Of Industry by UK’s Twist Design required a cyclist to power the light display in a car window.

Aviation executive Sarah Tham, 25, tried her hand at powering the exhibit with a friend.

She said; “It’s interesting. It’s the first time that I’ve had to cycle to see an exhibition come alive.”

“I’m doing a public service!” she added with a laugh.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on Sunday on March 9, 2014.