Dining in white

Pictures by: 
Benjamin Seetor
Report by: 
Elizabeth Law

After their engagement last year, they attended the first Asian edition of Diner en Blanc to celebrate. And they were at the picnic’s second iteration, this time as husband and wife. Teacher Fyn Ang and her auditor husband, Mr Kenneth Boey, both 29, were among the nearly 2,000 diners at the annual outdoor dining event, which sees participants dressed entirely in white.

Originally conceived in France, it has since spread to other parts of the world with Singapore being the first Asian city to host its own version of the event. Though only in its second edition, the event, which was held at the Marina Barrage this year, has a loyal following.

“It’s like a reunion of sorts where you get to see familiar faces,” Madam Ang in white said. She told The New Paper that during the last event, she got to know a couple at the next table. “When we saw them again this time, it was a very pleasant surprise because it was like meeting long-lost friends,” she said. The annual dinner has become something of a tradition for the couple and they hope to take their children there one day.

Besides the all-white dress code, diners must bring their own furniture, cutlery and even table decorations to the event. Organised by private investor Clemen Chiang, 39, this year’s version of Diner en Blanc also featured acrobatic performances by Australian outdoor performance company Strange Fruit and a fireworks display.

Here are some pictures from the event.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on 21 October 2013.