Chanced upon a car crash

Pictures by: 
Jonathan Choo

TNP photographer Jonathan Choo was driving home after a late night shift. He did not usually travel on that particular stretch of the Pan-Island Expressway.

But on that night, a filter lane which he usually took was closed to traffic. He had no choice but to take a detour.

Little did he know he would chance upon an accident scene which happened barely a couple of minutes before his vehicle.

He was shocked to see the devastation. The overturned car had a crushed roof and its engine was ripped out. It didn’t look like anyone could have survived the crash.

There were about eight other motorists already at the scene. Three guys then tried to open the door beside the passenger’s seat. Miraculously, the 25-year-old driver was not only alive, he was also conscious.

“We better not touch him”, someone said. “He may have fractures or other serious injuries. Moving him now may cause his injuries to worsen.”

Someone had also already notified the SCDF, and another man had flagged a police car which was passing from the other direction.

Only seeing that there was nothing else anyone could do, this seasoned photographer of 30 years then started taking these photographs.

The driver was trapped upside down in the car, which is believed to have gone out of control, flipped and crashed. He was later rescued by Singapore Civil Defence Force officers and taken to hospital.

When The New Paper visited the driver in NUH yesterday afternoon, he was resting in a surgical high dependency ward. He nodded when asked if he was feeling better. But he declined to comment on the accident.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on April 6, 2013.