Can you out run the dead?

Pictures by: 
Ariffin Jamar
Report by: 
Jennifer Dhanaraj

Some 14,000 people signed up to give themselves a small taste of a zombie apocalypse this weekend at Race the Dead, a zombie run organised by Celebrity Trainer and presented by SingTel mio TV.

The 5km event, Singapore’s first ever zombie run, was held yesterday at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. There is another race today. Tickets for the event sold out within 14 hours.

The run was originally set to be a one-day event, but organisers opened up a second day to meet overwhelming demand.

The objective for the human racers was to outrun the “zombies” and make sure the undead did not grab the “life flags” attached to a special belt on their event race jerseys.

Losing one flag would mean that you’ve been caught by the zombies. Lose both? You are a “non-survivor”.

While it was labelled as a run, racers said it was more like an elaborate obstacle course. One of the obstacles was the leopard crawl, where runners had to crawl on their stomachs on the sand under a net.

Here are some pictures of the event.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on Sunday on October 27, 2013.