Best of 2012 - September to December

The New Paper Photographers

When the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton visited the Rolls-Royce facility in Singapore last September, I was part of the press scrum. I was in a pretty bad position, far away from her when she was to spin the turbofan. Then I took a chance and fired a burst of about five frames using my telephoto lens. I didn’t even review my shots. Then wire agency Reuters called me and asked if I had this particular shot of her flexing her bicep. Nobody else had it. The next thing I knew, my photo was on the pages of newspapers around the world.

When I heard about the Marina Bay Sailing initiative, I wanted a shot of the boats in action. I had to dunk my upper body into the water – on board the moving boat – to shoot the boat opposite us. It didn’t help that the weather was really bad.

If there was one picture that symbolised what Ng Boon Gay and his wife, Madam Yap Yen Yen, are going through right now, this would be it. Madam Yap walking behind her husband with the look on her face that says, "Look at what you're putting me through", best sums up this picture. Their body language is telling. He doesn't even look at her, nor holds her hand. And there is a gap between them which reflects the current state of their marriage.

The noise level went through the roof the moment Singapore won the AFF Suzuki Cup in December. The Singapore players were running everywhere. Then I saw coach Radojko Avramovic in a corner of the field. He was very quiet. I went near him. Then all the players rushed towards him, grabbed him and threw him into the air. Luckily, I was already in position. It’s also a rare photograph. You don’t get many of Raddy smiling.