Best of 2012 - May to August

The New Paper Photographers

I was assigned to cover a Workers’ Party by-election rally at Hougang in May. Then the rain started. It was a drizzle at first, then it became a downpour. Shelter was available, but I stuck by the stage. By this point, I was alone. Everyone else was under cover or holding an umbrella. I wasn’t. I just wanted the shot.

I stood alone in the pouring rain, everything I had on me was soaked – even my camera lens started to fog up.Then Mr Png Eng Huat took to the stage, also without cover. I could have just taken the shot and left, but I waited for the right angle, the right light, the right expression. Then my moment came. In this shot, Mr Png is framed in the light, his short-sleeved shirt translucent with rain, streaks of water illuminating the black of the night. I knew I had my shot. But I still didn’t have time to dry off. I rushed back to the newsroom and uploaded the picture, still dripping wet.

I was on the PIE headed towards Changi Airport last June when I saw a big cloud of black smoke. It was a van engulfed in flames. I grabbed my camera, dashed out of the car and scaled a 2-metre wall to reach the van. I only had a 24-70mm lens so I had to go really close to get the best shot. I could feel the heat and right after I shot this image, an explosion went off. Only then did I realise that I was a little too close for comfort.