Bagging a quick fix

Report and pictures by: 
Jeremy Long

As a boy, Mr Richard Lee (above) would buy coffee for his uncles, chit chatting in their Aljunied shophouse where they ran a rubber and glue business.

This transformed into a luggage repair business when they successfully fixed an airline crew member's luggage bag.

Today, Mr Lee, 42, is sole owner of Chiang Kong Services, which still specialises in fixing luggage, where prices start at $8 for simple repairs.

Their services range from mending torn bags, to replacing handles, zippers and locks.

Although it looks easy, it is no mean feat, said Mr Lee, 42

“It’s not like rojak where you just put in this and that. Repairing a piece of luggage requires the proper steps.

The article related to these pictures was first published in The New Paper on May 2, 2014.