Authenticity of a photograph taken at Changi Coast Road

Pictures by: 
Mohd Ishak

There has been much buzz online with the cycling community about a photograph TNP photojournalist Mohd Ishak took on 16 Jan 2011 along Changi Coastal Road.

While some netizens challenged the authenticity of the photograph, we would like to clarify that such an event did happen, and that the photograph was not doctored like some netizens claimed.

As TNP photojournalists, we follow a strict code of ethics - where we cannot, in any way, alter the reality of news pictures. This include, but not limited to, adding or removing elements in post processing softwares such as the popular Adobe Photoshop.

To further prove the authenticity of our photos, here's the entire sequence of seven photos Mohd Ishak took during that day. These seven photographs published here are scaled down for web display.